truTV’s real-life stories and short-form content go mobile.


truTV is television’s destination for real-life stories told from an exciting and dramatic first-person perspective and features high-stakes, action-packed originals that give viewers access to places and situations they can’t normally experience. Since 2008, truTV has used thePlatform to manage their online video.

truTV, television’s destination for real-life stories, wanted to deliver compelling content over multiple mobile platforms, deliver a richer user experience, and simplify the process of switching from one CDN to another.

Since 2008, truTV has used thePlatform to manage their online video. By using weComm’s mobile technology platform Wave, integrated with thePlatform mpx, for managing their media, they now deliver an intuitive and compelling application experience to viewers across multiple mobile operating systems. Additionally, with thePlatform mpx Publish Profiles, mobile distribution has been easily added to their existing syndication model.

Customer’s Goals

Turner’s Strategic Audience Solutions group introduced weComm to truTV to achieve the following:

  • Increase distribution through a mobile platform
  • Create a more hands-on iterative design process for the application
  • Take advantage of the most cost–effective method of delivering media

The Challenge

truTV wanted to increase video consumption by extending the distribution of their content to mobile.
A crucial requirement was that the user-experience remain intuitive and compelling to ensure that consumers could quickly navigate and access a range of truTV video content, including 3D video clips.
Furthermore, the application had to incorporate viral sharing so that users had the ability to forward truTV video clips to their friends via email and social networks.


Proven Methodology

weComm uses a proven methodology to rapidly identify and capture requirements, and configure working applications for customers as early as possible in the project lifecycle. Their “Create, Develop, Deliver” methodology enabled them to apply our considerable mobile design and user experience know-how to the truTV project.
weComm’s software development tools ensured that they could deliver functional experiences quickly and efficiently, thereby accelerating approval cycles and reducing overall project delivery timescales.

From Concept to Prototype

The result of the Create phase was a functional prototype, fully representative of the intended user experience. The working application could be installed on all target devices—iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry—enabling direct visualisation of the proposed landscape and video tile experience. weComm then gathered all feedback on the prototype and quickly incorporated this for final approval of the application design.

As part of this Create phase and in parallel to the prototype delivery, weComm worked with thePlatform to validate the technical viability for all features. This ensured that development would proceed seamlessly following the approval of the application design.

Using Feeds Service to Simplify Publishing

truTV uses thePlatform’s Feeds Service to publish to broadband players: each channel’s player subscribes to a feed, which is simply a set of media from truTV’s account in thePlatform’s system. The feeds from thePlatform contained all the necessary information to populate the multi-platform application experience, including thumbnails, title, description, timestamp, and most importantly, a single-stream URL that could be shared virally to the friends of end users via Facebook, Twitter, and email. In keeping with the online channels, separate feeds were provided for truTV’s mobile content categories – Latest, Must

Watch, Top 10 and 3D–each taking on a different colour scheme, whilst keywords were used to link related videos to headline content.

Broadening the Use of Advertising

A further extension to the application was the incorporation of advertising tiles. By using existing pre-built integrations implemented by weComm, the truTV application was simply configured to receive advertising from Turner’s existing partner at no additional cost.

Benefits and Results

By using weComm and thePlatform’s technologies in concert, truTV benefits from a video management and application experience that is extremely flexible and where additional features can easily be applied to all platforms with minimal effort.

The result is a full-featured multi-platform mobile application that is simultaneously available on iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry devices featuring:

  • A native and intuitive user experience optimised for individual devices
  • Landscape design for simple video playback
  • Simple thumb-swiping navigation
  • Instant access to Latest, Must Watch, Top 10, and 3D video clips
  • Viral sharing via Facebook, Twitter, and email
  • Click-through advertising
  • Access to the truTV programme schedule
  • Availability via the Apple App Store, Android Marketplace, and furthermore, via over-the-air distribution from weComm’s Mobile Application Provisioning System

The first month’s viewing metrics speak for themselves:

  • Approximately 1,000,000 application downloads
  • Millions of video views on mobile (25% are 3D video clips)
  • Approximately 35% increase on web views for the month
  • An average 4.8 videos per visit per viewer