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CBS Interactive is a top ten web property globally and a top five web property in the U.S. in terms of unique video viewers. Its portfolio of leading brands covers everything from technology, entertainment, sports, news and gaming.

CBS Interactive Streamlines Video Management Workflow and Monetization with mpx

As the premier online content network for information and entertainment, CBS Interactive (CBSi) receives more than 250 million people visiting its properties each month. It is a top 10 Web property globally and a top 5 Web property in the U.S. in terms of unique video viewers. Its portfolio of leading brands covers everything from technology, entertainment, sports, news and gaming.

While managing massive volumes of content on the back-end can easily bury any programmer in complicated workflows and labor-intensive processes, CBS Interactive is streamlining its video management process by increasing use of mpx as its open central hub for many of their major properties. thePlatform now manages tens of millions of videos views every month for, and the CBS Audience Network, the largest network of professional, premium video content online, which includes content from CNET,, Gamespot, and more.

Customizing the solution

thePlatform helped CBSi improve their video publishing workflow by standardizing many of the basic and critical elements of video management, including Publishing, Workflow, Metadata Management, Ad Policy configuration, among others.

Each property administrator using mpx is able to customize the solution, where necessary, by creating custom commands, adding new windows in the UI – even establishing unique naming conventions for various functions in the console.

This level of flexibility allows the broader organization to maintain consistency around content at the root level, yet give its various administrators the ability to manage its resources and assets in a way that works best for their specific group. The new process also allows each division to focus more on their primary objective – publishing content.

Supporting CBS Interactive’s monetization strategies

The CBS Audience Network distributes content across a wide variety of partners, including numerous YouTube channels, Bing, MSN, Yahoo, MobiTV, as well as other sites owned by their parent group CBSCorporation. To protect their monetization efforts, mpx seamlessly integrates with CBS Interactive’s video player solution, making sure ads are delivered properly and in the correct format throughout every channel to which they’re distributed.

Advanced features make for efficient video management

CBS Interactive credits these and other features of mpx for its streamlined video management:

  • Advanced mobile support: CBS Interactive publishes videos to many different device platforms with minimal configuration. With a few steps in a single console, content administrators can optimize videos for iPhone, iPad and other platforms.
  • Efficient Watch Folders: CBS Interactive administrators use mpx’s Watch Folders, so content can be automatically ingested into the right locations. File naming schemes can be defined to automatically group multiple files into the same Media Object.
  • CDN management: thePlatform wrote the decisioning logic to automatically distribute content using each property’s preferred CDN.

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CBSi Case Study

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