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mpx is the next phase in the evolution of broadband video management: a convergence of an efficient user interface model…

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mpx is the next phase in the evolution of broadband video management: a convergence of an efficient user interface model…

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Enhance your video management system

The mpx Dev Kit provides all the necessary tools for enhancing your video management system and designing great player experiences. Our extensive Technical Resource Center documents our open APIs and provides detailed code samples.

mpx Dev Kit
Capabilities Standard APIs Documentation
 Ingest  REST interface  Step-by-step guide
 Media  Standard calls  Services overviews
 Publish  Groovy scripts  Code samples
 Notifications  Java clients  

Open video management system

  • Our open APIs allow access to every mpx web and data service to control metadata, policies, feeds & more
  • Ingest media directly into the system with Watch Folders, Feed Readers, and build custom ingest adaptors with Groovy scripts
  • Use REST interfaces for standard calls such as POST, GET, DELETE, and Put
  • Easily connect to services with our web client or built in Java client
  • Use notifications to gain immediate insight into processes and keep data synchronized

Design a great video player – Player Dev Kit (PDK)

Player Dev Kit logo

  • Our skinning model is smart and easy to work with. Use HTML and CSS to customize our out-of-the-box player templates and build compelling players for your site, or for distribution. For Flash developers, the options to modify player layouts and user experiences are endless. For mobile developers we have customizable Flash-based mobile layouts available
  • Extend your video player with partner plug-ins for advertising with VAST support, analytics, improved discovery, and more
  • Using Flash or HTML5 and the best video format for the device, built in automatic device detection always presents the optimal player experience to your customers
  • Easily enable adaptive streaming playback with Apple HLS, Flash HDS or Microsoft SmoothStreaming
  • Secure video playback is supported through stream encryption, Adobe Flash Access, or Microsoft PlayReady

Streamlined Mobile Content Delivery – App Dev Kit (ADK)

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  • Accelerate your custom app development with thePlatform’s App Dev Kit (ADK) for iOS and Android
  • Our ADK is fully integrated with mpx, allowing you to spend time on UI and design, without worrying about playback and video management
  • Use our open APIs to add custom plug-ins for all of your development needs
  • Effectively monetize content within your app using dynamic ad insertion, prerolls, postrolls and midrolls
  • Easily measure and optimize viewer engagement and advertising effectiveness with support for Google Analytics, Omniture, and comScore
  • The ADK is tested and validated by many Interactive Agencies, including, Accedo, Digiflare, and Empathy Labs

Utilize the extensive documentation in our Technical Resource Center

  • Our extensive Technical Resource Center (TRC) documents every API
  • Subscribe to pages in the TRC for notifications on technical releases, enabling you to keep your system up to date
  • Use detailed code and player samples to quickly get up and running
  • Take advantage of our 24/7 support team when you have questions