Google Widevine DRM

Complete Broadband Services & Multimedia Security for Video Operators

Widevine and thePlatform have partnered to enable end-to-end media management, publishing, video optimization and secure over-the-top distribution for Internet content providers and cable, satellite and telecommunication companies. Widevine video optimization and digital rights management (DRM) and thePlatform mpsBusiness suite enable secure maintenance and distribution of multimedia content to a wide range of devices and provide the highest quality viewing experience for consumers.

How it Works

Using thePlatform service mpsBusiness, operators can create flexible content and user policies, process transactions and dynamically insert ads. mpsBusiness works in concert with Widevine DRM to encrypt and then apply copy protection and digital rights policies to multimedia content. Encrypted content is then staged for delivery on a content delivery or peer-to-peer (P2P) network for subsequent distribution to consumers.

Widevine DRM keeps content encrypted during distribution. At the device, the Widevine client decrypts and displays the content according to the copy protection rules applied by mpsBusiness. The Widevine client also includes a video optimization component which utilizes adaptive streaming to dynamically adjust video quality to available bandwidth, for a smooth, consistent broadcast TV experience. Video optimization also enables a DVD- like user experience by supporting full trick play, chaptering and bookmarking. Both live and on-demand content are supported by Widevine’s video optimization.

This joint solution enables seamless management and secure delivery of multimedia content across multiple platforms using multiple video formats. Designed for open Internet and managed network delivery, Widevine and thePlatform support and secure Flash, Windows Media, QuickTime, RealMedia, MPEG2, H.264 formats and more. Additionally, the solution secures delivery to a wide range of network-connected consumer electronics including televisions, Blu-ray players, mobile devices, gaming systems and more.

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