DivX, a leading digital media company, creates, distributes and licenses digital video technologies to globally recognized consumer electronics manufacturers ensuring the delivery of a high-quality digital video experience to consumers. With over 300 million DivX enabled devices (DVD players, digital televisions, Blu-ray players, mobile phones and set-top boxes) shipped into the market from leading CE manufacturers, DivX is transforming how people connect to their entertainment choices.

DivX TV offers a complete Internet TV experience, promising immediate, free access to a universe of entertainment on any Internet-enabled device from any brand. The easy-to-use DivX TV interface brings all your favorite media together in one place on your schedule. Enjoy the best of web video, popular shows and blockbuster Hollywood films alongside your personal collection of movies, music and photos.

Just turn on your TV, Blu-ray player, mobile phone or other device and enjoy. DivX TV is free and ready to go straight out-of-the-box with no complicated setup or additional hardware required. Forget the keyboard and mouse, navigate DivX TV with the intuitive, responsive menu and enjoy a true TV-like viewing experience.

Interact with your entertainment like never before. Bookmark your favorite shows and create custom channels across all sources with saved searches. DivX TV is an immersive, two-way platform that combines the power and variety of the Internet with the ease of TV for the ideal entertainment experience.

thePlatform is a supported content management system for DivX TV. Content owners that use thePlatform can easily distribute their existing content to DivX TV enabled consumer electronics devices and broaden their distribution, engagement, and viewership.

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