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    FreeWheel MRM

    FreeWheel’s Monetization Rights Management (MRM) is a complete end-to-end online video syndication ad sales rights and ad management technology which simplifies the task of managing video ad sales, ad serving, …

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  • doubleclick-for-publishers-logo (1)

    DoubleClick for Publishers by Google

    thePlatform’s system has a pre-defined advertising integration with DoubleClick, the leading provider of solutions for advertising agencies, marketers and web publishers to plan, execute and analyze their marketing programs. DoubleClick’s …

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  • adobe-auditude

    Adobe Auditude

    Adobe Auditude’s platform enables ad targeting, inventory sharing, blind selling, multiple pricing models, geo-targeting, availability windows and real-time reporting to facilitate a flexible partnership between content owners and publishers. They …

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AdoTube is a complete in-stream/in-video solution that enables each part of the industry (agencies, advertisers, networks and publishers) to have easy and efficient access to in-stream ads. AdoTube’s platform includes: …

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BlackArrow’s ad-management system provides the ultimate in advertising-model flexibility. This empowers your sales force to package and repackage a mix of ad units and targeting parameters in ways that make …

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Brightroll Logo


BrightRoll is a video advertising network, having served billions of advertisements since it was founded. BrightRoll helps major brands and agencies execute “smart video ad campaigns” across the industry’s leading …

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Coull Vidlinkr logo

Coull Vidlinkr

Coull is a technology company that’s reinventing the way online video advertising works, creating lucrative additional revenue streams for publishers. Utilizing a unique approach to deep classification of video content Coull …

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Google AdSense Logo

Google AdSense for Video

Google AdSense for video can help you make money from your content with engaging, non-intrusive ad formats. It offers a customized solution for your Flash video player, with in-video ads …

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mDialog works with the largest media companies in North America to manage, deliver, and measure video advertising across IP-connected devices, including iPad, iPhone, Android, GoogleTV, Apple TV, Roku and Xbox. …

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Smart AdServer

Smart AdServer develops and markets premium ad serving solutions for media agencies and publishers to manage display campaigns for Web, mobile and iPad/tablets.

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SpotXchange shows premium publishers and more than 1,000 world class advertisers that there is a better way to buy and sell digital video – with trusted solutions that guarantee total …

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Tremor Video

Founded in 2005, Tremor Video (formerly Tremor Media) provides three-screen video advertising solutions to Fortune 1000 brand advertisers and top-tier publishers. Leveraging our innovative video ad formats and publisher technology, …

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