A Complete TV Everywhere (TVE) Solution

thePlatform provides all the tools you’ll need to give your subscribers access to their premium television. Our authentication and authorization technologies handle all the end-user entitlement processes, while also ensuring that the agreed-to content rights of both TV Service Providers and Programming Networks are honored.

Adding premium content to the websites of Programmer Networks

The Programming Networks that want to add TVE content to their websites must pass subscriber credentials to the cable system to gain access to consumers’ subscription profiles. This profile data tells their websites what content users can access and when. Unfortunately, each cable system often has a unique authentication scheme with its own requirements and protocols. In addition, TV Service Providers often have different channel lineups and subscription packages, which means that different content offerings may be available to different customers at different times. thePlatform’s tools make sense of all these disparate systems and requirements. Our Authentication Adapters, extensive policy services, and video content management services work together to map out customer profiles to appropriate content at appropriate times, simplifying the whole process.

TVE Authentication

Authentication Adapters simplify the task of managing credentials and authenticating consumers. The adapters translate the consumer’s login credentials into the format required by each TV Service Provider’s authentication system so that Programming Networks can avoid the problems of integrating with multiple billing and management systems.


thePlatform’s extensive policy management services validate consumers’ authorization to watch the content that they select. Our system verifies alignment between the video, the TV Service Provider’s channel lineup, and the consumer’s subscription package. This ensures that the media rights associated with individual shows – such as airdates, geographic restrictions, and other business polices – are enforced.

Our video management system also maps cable systems’ varied channel IDs to each other since the same show might be identified differently across providers. This prevents Programming Networks from having to conduct this part of the authorization process manually.

TV Everywhere for the websites of TV Service providers

TV Service Providers often have popular websites for audiences to find more information about cable services, featured products, and scheduling details for favorite shows. Many also want to add TV Everywhere features to their websites so that subscribers can watch premium content in a manner that is complementary to how Programming Networks pay for this content in traditional TV models.

TV Service Providers can use thePlatform’s array of video content management products and features to manage videos on their websites. These features deliver premium content online to subscribers; retain subscription package boundaries; and use our playback, delivery, and discovery tools to complete their solution.

A full lineup of TVE services

In addition to our Authentication Adapters and authorization services, thePlatform offers the following to round out your TVE initiative:

  • Content discovery,
  • Video management,
  • Content delivery,
  • Advertising policies,
  • Players and branding, and
  • Reporting.

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