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The online video landscape can be difficult to navigate. We’ve created a series of tools to help you solve your particular problems. Use the links below to navigate to our white papers on reducing the cost of running your broadband video business, evaluating video management systems, generating revenue and helping with online video syndication.

This is TV hero

What is TV? For many years, the answer was simple.

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Video Syndication

With mpx, you can quickly reach more viewers. Learn how mpx can help you syndicate your online video content.

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Video Syndication White Paper

This white paper explains what syndication is, explores the many ways syndication can benefit your business, and shows you how mpx can help you efficiently deliver your content to an infinite number of syndication outlets.

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Online Video Store

Our Online Video Store allows companies to utilize their full video libraries to create multiple opportunities for video purchases. Unlike other e-commerce solutions, our Online Video Store was built specifically for video purchase and can therefore address all the unique selling needs associated with this type of product.

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Online Video Store Solutions Brief

Make it easy for your customers to discover, purchase, and watch content whenever and wherever they want.

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Newspaper & Magazine Publishers

With mpx, newspaper and magazine publishers can easily overcome their video workflow, monetization, and customer experience challenges. Learn how mpx can help you deliver a robust multimedia experience to your audience.

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Publisher Solutions Brief

Print is nice, but it needs to play well with images, video, websites, applications, mobile devices, and other forms of digital media.

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Virtual TV & TV Data Services

Consumers today expect to be able to access TV on any device. Now with thePlatform’s Virtual TV Framework you can meet those consumer expectations.

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Virtual TV Framework Press Release

This white paper highlights four industry trends, the challenges of each trend, and the best practices these media companies used for overcoming those challenges.

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Ensure that your viewing audience can quickly locate and view the latest breaking news on their PC, tablets, or mobile phones.

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News Solution Brief

This solution brief highlights a few of the features that specifically address challenges faced by our news customers, ensuring that they are prepared for covering the latest news stories at any hour of the day.

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TV Everywhere

We have helped the world’s leading media companies successfully launch and expand their TV Everywhere initiatives. Find out how we can do the same for your company.

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TV Everywhere White Paper

TV Everywhere (TVE) is close to finally being everywhere. A direct result of the proliferation of devices and rich assortment of video content to consume online, there is now a big opportunity for the media companies and pay TV providers that provide TVE. Learn more about key industry trends and the best practices that will help your company make the most of this opportunity.

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thePlatform makes it easy to manage all of your sports content in one console. From live events to post-event highlight videos, mpx has all the tools you need to create custom sports experiences for your audience.

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Sports Solution Brief

Learn how to make it easy to deliver premium content experiences to your devoted sports fans.

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